Spawning processes in Elixir, a gentle introduction to concurrency
In this article I introduce concurrency and show how we can start making our code concurrent in Elixir, using...
06, Mar 2019
The Beauty of Pattern Matching in Elixir
One of the beautiful things of Elixir is pattern matching. We'll see pattern matching with tuples, lists and maps,...
19, Feb 2019
Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests
Make requests with HTTPoison is easy, but the response is held in memory. To download large files we need...
13, Feb 2019
Connecting Elixir Nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes
We are going to see how to cluster Elixir and Phoenix nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes using...
06, Feb 2019
Distributed Phoenix Chat using Redis PubSub
In this article we'll see how to scale horizontally the Phoenix Chat app, using Redis and a Phoenix PubSub...
23, Jan 2019
Processing Large CSV files with Elixir Streams
Elixir Streams are extremely powerful when we need to process large CSV files. Let's see the difference between a...
10, Jan 2019
Aggregate and Count Real-Time Trades with Elixir Maps
In this article we start to see how to aggregate Coinbase trades in real-time, using the GenServer behaviour. We'll...
28, Dec 2018
Realtime Market-Data Updates with WebSocket and Elixir
In this article we see how to build an Elixir application to get realtime updates from the coinbase websocket...
19, Dec 2018
Running Elixir in Docker Containers
How to use Docker to run our development Elixir environment and to run multiple Elixir Nodes over a Docker...
12, Dec 2018
Build a Simple Persistent Key-Value Store in Elixir, using Logs – Part 2
In this part we'll do a step further, making both keys and values persistent, being able to recover the...
04, Dec 2018
Build a Simple Persistent Key-Value Store in Elixir, using Logs РPart 1
In this series of articles we will see the different concepts behind a key-values store (Logs, Segments, Compaction, Memtable,...
28, Nov 2018