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Bindings, Click and Form events, Debounce, Live Flash messages
In this lesson we are going to see how to handle user interactions in our LiveView, going through many...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
30, Jun 2021
Layouts and LiveEEx templates
In this lesson we are going to see: Layouts, how they work with regular views and LiveViews. How to update...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
25, May 2021
How Phoenix LiveView works
In this lesson we are going to see how LiveView really works and what happens behind the scenes when...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
27, Apr 2021
First contact with Phoenix LiveView
In this lesson we'll introduce LiveView and get a sense of how powerful it can be. In the next...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
13, Apr 2021
Intro to Poeticoins Elixir application
In this episode we see the Poeticoins application and functionalities, which we'll use along this introductory course.
Phoenix LiveView
27, Mar 2021
Application Design
In this video we take a look at the Poeticoins application design, how we organize the parts of our...
Phoenix LiveView
23, Mar 2021
Intro to Cryptocurrency Exchanges
In this Phoenix LiveView episode, we see what is a Cryptocurrency Exchange. Our goal is to build a real-time...
Phoenix LiveView
23, Mar 2021
Compile Elixir applications into single executable binaries, with Bakeware
Bakeware is a new fantastic tool, which compiles an Elixir, a Scenic or a Phoenix application into single executable...
22, Oct 2020
Yet Another Guide To Build a JSON API with Phoenix 1.5
Step-by-step guide how to build a polling api in Elixir and Phoenix 1.5.
06, Oct 2020
LiveView click event and offsetX, offsetY coordinates
Let's see how to use, in Phoenix LiveView, the phx-click binding along with offsetX and offsetY coordinates, which are...
19, Mar 2020
Phoenix LiveView JavaScript Hooks and Select2
With LiveView JavaScript hooks it's now really easy to do JS interop. In this article we see how simple...
Phoenix LiveView
05, Feb 2020
Real-time Object Detection with Phoenix and Python
This article is about Elixir-Python interoperability using Elixir Port and how to bring YOLO real-time object detection functionalities on...
16, Jan 2020
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