Layouts and LiveEEx templates
In this lesson we are going to see: Layouts, how they work with regular views and LiveViews. How to update...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
25, May 2021
How Phoenix LiveView works
In this lesson we are going to see how LiveView really works and what happens behind the scenes when...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
27, Apr 2021
First contact with Phoenix LiveView
In this lesson we'll introduce LiveView and get a sense of how powerful it can be. In the next...
Crypto Dashboard LiveView course
13, Apr 2021
The Primitives of Phoenix LiveView
Focus on LiveView's primitives: the bricks we need to know to building a real-time app with this technology. We...
Phoenix LiveView
12, Nov 2019
How to Setup Phoenix LiveView
how to get started with Phoenix LiveView by creating a new Phoenix app and going through the LiveView setup
29, Oct 2019
Phoenix LiveView – Change the URL without refreshing the page
Phoenix LiveView pushstate support bring the ability to change the URL without refreshing the page. This functionality is pretty...
19, Jun 2019
Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Phoenix App that Supports User Upload
A step-by-step tutorial we see in depth how to build a Phoenix app from scratch, letting users upload their...
17, Apr 2019
Hashing a File in Elixir
What is a hash function and how to calculate the hash strings and files in Elixir, using functions in...
10, Apr 2019
Elixir Stream and large HTTP responses: processing text
Part 1 – Elixir Stream to process large HTTP responses on the fly Part 2 – this article You...
03, Apr 2019
Elixir Streams to process large HTTP responses on the fly
Transforming an HTTPoison async response into an Elixir Stream, to easily process large remote files on the fly, gaining...
27, Mar 2019
The Primitives of Elixir Concurrency: a Full Example
We see how to fully implement concurrent HTTP calls, using just spawn, send and received along with HTTPoison. We...
19, Mar 2019
Hey Process, there is a Message for you!
Messages are a fundamental part of concurrency in Elixir. In this article we see how messaging and mailboxes ....
13, Mar 2019