Welcome to this free introductory Phoenix LiveView course, where we’ll build a real-time Cryptocurrency dashboard with Phoenix LiveView.

LiveView is a new game-changing library that gives you wings, drastically simplifying and speeding up the development of interactive, real-time Phoenix web applications.

These LiveView lessons are free extracts taken from a much bigger and complete course called “Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView”, in which you have full access to the Elixir and LiveView advanced parts. But if you are just interested to this introductory LiveView part don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow without buying the full course! We will code our LiveView Crypto Dashboard on the top of the Elixir application built in the first part of the full course.

You find the Poeticoins code on the GitHub repository: poeticoding/poeticoins. In the lessons below we’ll see how this project is organized and how we can start building on the top of the poeticoins Elixir app.


  1. Intro to Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Application Design
  3. Intro to Poeticoins Elixir application
  4. First contact with Phoenix LiveView
  5. How Phoenix LiveView works
  6. Bindings, Click and Form events, Debounce, Live Flash messages
  7. A nice Dashboard UI
  8. LiveComponents