Understanding Phoenix LiveView: build a Gallery app

In this article we see how to build a Gallery app with Phoenix LiveView and implement an automatic slideshow with the help of :timer.
Alvise Susmel
11 min read

The Primitives of Phoenix LiveView

Focus on LiveView's primitives: the bricks we need to know to building a real-time app with this technology. We take a special look at...
Alvise Susmel
5 min read

How to Setup Phoenix LiveView

how to get started with Phoenix LiveView by creating a new Phoenix app and going through the LiveView setup
Alvise Susmel
4 min read

Using Select2 with Phoenix LiveView

Come up with a workaround to make LiveView play together with a JavaScript library like jQuery Select2.
Alvise Susmel
6 min read

Phoenix LiveView live_link

How to use live_link and understand when to use live_link and when live_redirect. Inspecting the messages between LiveView and the browser.
Alvise Susmel
3 min read
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